3m monitoring electrode with foam backing

3m monitoring electrode with foam backing

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Information about 3m monitoring electrode with foam backing

 Product Use: Product description: 3M Monitoring Electrode with Foam Backing: - Multi-purpose monitoring electrodes with sticky gel feature a high performance adhesive and foam backing - They are clinically proven to stay in place for up to five days. They are supplied on strips of 3, 5 and 10 electrodes so that they can be quickly and easily applied to the patient - The electrodes remain fresh for 45 days out of the bag and they allow for easy removal from the patient at any time - The conductive gel is sticky to maintain intimate skin contact for excellent trace quality. - ECG monitoring - For applications requiring high adhesion - For hospital-wide use; especially suited for the ER, OR and Catheter - Lab or ICU and Paramedics Key benefits/uses of 3M Monitoring Electrode with Foam Backing: - Easy handling - Reliable trace - Fluid restance - The product is latex free & Dry Gel - High conductivity - 45 day out-of-bag Performance - Packaged in larger packs for efficiencies - Foam backing is comfortable for patients, occlusive to fluids, and easy to handle for quick application - Sticky gel delivers excellent trace quality resulting in better patient information - 3M adhesive provides greater adhesion to diaphoretic skin, which results in better trace quality - These electrodes provide a larger adhesive and gel areas to improve product performance.