Adel acid carbolic dilution 30 ch

Adel acid carbolic dilution 30 ch

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 Product Use: Acid Carbolic Dilution This remedy is prepared from chemical i.e. Carbolic Acid, commonly known as Phenol. It is used for paralysis, diabetes, breathlessness causing death, allergic cough and arthritis. MindAvoidance to study and work. HeadHeadache with pain in eyes especially right eye. Headache after smoking. Better by green tea. NoseSneezing with running nose. Increased sensitivity of the nose to odors.Offensive discharge from the nose. Throat Sore throat Cough Ulcers (diphtheria infection) Difficulty in swallowing food; but with little pain. Everything is vomited out especailly liquids. StomachBurning Heartburns Constant burping, nausea and vomiting of dark green fluid. Appetite loss. Desires stimulants and tobacco. StoolConstipation with foul odor from mouth. Bloody stools as if intestines have been scrapped. Diarrh